Well this year started off with a bang... NOT.

January is the only month of the year I excuse myself to head to NYSC, excluding the other months where I just don't go, because it's just too full of people trying to get fit for the new year. Newsflash: the majority of them will stop going by the beginning of February. Not being mean, but I see it every year - they drop like flies. In fact, this is the year I cancelled my NYSC membership after five full years. I just don't go anymore, so what's the point.

Like every year, here are my goals:

- take more film pictures.

there's a reason i didn't do the homage to 2010. it's because i lacked the photos to do them, and i was off fbomb for a while too (no tagged fotos = even harder to homage).

- run the NYC marathon.

fourth time's the charm. abiding by marathon rules they have to let me run it this year if i remember to register in time. yeah, that's right i run and am pretty active when not consumed by nicotine devil.

- be more fluent in Spanish.

aside from reading in spanish, i've been chatting up a storm and watching telenovelas and more spanish films. it's not that hard to get into the groove once you allow yourself the chance to fudge up.

- move the FUCK out.

- graduate.

it doesn't seem like a dream at this point.

- stay single.

have to fix a few things about the way i think and it totally can't happen if i'm attached. other than that, reaching twenty-four put me in a crisis: the "i don't want to settle 66 years for the rest of my life" crisis. fifty-eight feels like a better amount of settling time. granted there's always one person i'll drop the world for, but for me to latch arms with random joe schmoe is asking for way too much. let my november anthem continue on, "i'm 23, not 32 so that idiot is


if he thinks i'll drop spain for him". feel free to change the number and location to keep up to date.

- stay fancy.

it's the same as saving face. you never know who you'll run into. for example: in chi-town i randomly made friends with a babe on the subway because why the fuck not, i would never see him again and that was that. WRONG!! he totally ran into me, on the way to ballet class. he forgot my name and totally didn't say hi, yet i was "fancy" so he looked me up on facebook (this includes effort) and sent me a sweet message. we're now going for a milkshake. this city may look big, but in fact it's more like overlapping with people.

- eat healthy.

there comes that point you start to realize "whoa, i eat a ton of garbage."

- start a business.

it'll be a family business between my sister and i that will be opening in greenwich, ct. that's all you can know until things are more finalized.

- find the best mexican restaurant in nyc.

shut the front door.