Day #7 of Recovering Me

Awoke with a terrible allergy to something. Must be all that dust flying around since no one in my household believes in the word clean. Counting down the days until I move away.

Other than allergies, I'm semi-motivated to do things; like updating this blog since I've been slacking.

I'm upset about only working five days since December has started, but I can't really blame myself. I'm also upset about doing some emotional internet shopping when I did have money, that I can blame on myself. The clothes do fit me well though.

There's nothing like December to remind you of all the things you haven't done yet. Time to crack that whip... after I come back from my vacay though.

Random thoughts I've been having about relationships: I don't think I would want to invest any more time in one unless I really see it going somewhere. And I would like to take it slow, because I am only twenty-three and don't feel like I should settle just to settle. These are the same thoughts I had back in '07 or was it '08? I don't remember. But I do remember that was the driving force behind me being single for the longest, and then... I don't know what happened. I got emotional and started thinking of scenarios. Jeez, doesn't that make me sound cray-cray? A tad. For the new year, I'm going to try and hold off on any serious inquiries. Besides, the Spaniards await me.

P.s. Got my first incomplete of the semester. Way to go me! Three more are on the way.