Having a Black Keys Moment:

Ever overheard those girls on the MTA that wont shut the hell up about that guy, and what they did, and they say they're not going to talk about him anymore, but then they keep talking about him, and you want that girl to do is shut her front door. BUT, it's not happening and she still there riding away with you in the wee hours of the morning. Usually a Sunday morning on your way to that horrible job.

OR, ever seen that couple that wont stop being cute and kiss every five seconds. Then they hug and make stop retarded joke about seasame street that doesn't even make sense, but why would it because it's an inside joke. Yea, total gag. What's worse it that they're taking up a good portion of the three seater seat and you refuse to sit next to them but you're legs are hella tired so end up getting even more pissed.

Yep... I can't explain it. It's totally out of my nature, but that's who I've become. Except I keep my voice volume down and our jokes just make no fucking sense, but if you heard it... you'd laugh. Or maybe I just would. Not that annoying I swear. By the way I have a horrible laugh. Me and my co-workers/drinking partners have agreed to this.

Is it weird that I'm writing about this on the interwebs... Most definitely not. I drank four loco last Friday -one can- so that right there is two million times worse than writing about this on the interwebs.

Whatever's going on his presence is appreciated and makes me smile regardless. That is all.

OH!! And first Monday night I'm not shit-faced! HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND!!

P.s. To the fucker that stole my shit. Have fun with that - it's totes broken. I'm just pissed you-shit-of-a-head went through my jacket with your dirty a$$ fingers.