Le Sheer Shirt

Naturally late on the trends, I would still like to try this one out. I've seen the girls around the city and American Apparel all in their sheer shirts, and it looks miles away from vulgar.

One of my favorite looks is sheer tops over frilly lacey underlings. I worked at Bloomingdales intimates department for a good year, and the amount of frilly bras in my drawer is crazy. The number of times I've worn them is even crazier! You can't wear frilly bras underneath smooth shirts - it makes for a bumpy "ugh" mess, others are just too pretty to wear. BUT - you can wear them under sheer tops, and show 'em off. Check out my favorite line for brassieres: 


Basically the same look as above except you got some extra fabric to protect yer nips from this chilly weather.

This gets me excited for new clothes... YAY :)

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