Sleepy Dust in my Eyes

Before this week is over I still have to see a movie, possibly two and tons of other things. No sleep for the motivated. After arguing with my ma about the sliced oranges placed in front of all her saints (which are all over the apartment which is totally UNSANITARY), MTA ads came to mind. Specifically the Guggenheim ads advertising "haunted" and after reading a few (basically one) reviews; Julie Mehretu's show there also sounds interesting. In fact all the exhibitions sound interesting for a $15 admission. 

"Believer's Palace"

Why do I want to check her stuff out? Looks meticulous, grey, abstract, constructed, layered, reminds me of architecture class, and I'm curious about the sizes of her works. I'm not much of an art critic (barely) so forgive me if there are any injustices done.

showing thru October 6, 2010 @ the Guggenheim
and no, she doesn't work with grey only.