Rainy Sundays:


I start school this week and lucky me, totally thought it was next week. Time to get books and get those brain cells to start multiplying. It's also time to figure out how to make my "how I spent my summer" photo post look better than amazing. It's going to be pretty hard to beat last summer, but then again I'm a nobody so the only critic is me. I'm such a nobody, not even my beau responds to my texts. IN FACT, not even my dad responds except for once and it was a picture of my bro playing soccer.  A reason my fan page is forever gone. Depressing; not the fan page part of course. There are still rolls of films to develop so fingers crossed. I know there's an icing in there somewhere.

Since the semester starting a week earlier has taken me by shock, I'm trying to turn a negative into a positive. With fresh classes (finally a semester without repeats!!) and fresh faces -some oldies too- I'm excited to meet new people, hear their daily/weekly subway horror stories, and make friends. I must admit it has gotten lonely this summer with my bros being MIA because of amazing opportunities, girlfriends, and working like a dog - so I'm excited to meet bros who are going to tell me like it is, or them listening to me when I need to hash things out by yelling "cunt".  Ugh, does this make a needy person?? DOES IT?!?! Ugh, I hate sounding/feeling needy - worst feeling in the world. Feels abnormal in my dermis. Trust me, we don't chat longer than an hour because I hate speaking on burning-my-hand-phones but it's feels better to talk than write it in here. Helps me sound less of loser.

To my bros who read this: You're still my bro. Or I can take this as a sign and disconnect my phone and save $$ every month  by getting a house phone.  That actually sounds smart since more than a hundred to keep that baby rolling. Hmm, maybe if my books are too expensive.

Here's my fall schedule for the homies:

  • Mondays 
    • work 6-1pm
    • sleep session 2-4pm
    • school  5- 9pm
  • Tuesdays 
    • work 6-1pm
    • sleep session 2-4pm
    • school 4-8pm
  • Wednesdays
    • school 10-9pm
    • cry in the bathroom session 4pm
  • Thursdays
    • school 9-8
    • pass out in class session 7:14pm
  • Friday
    • work tba
  • Saturday
    • work tba
  • Sunday
    • work tba
    • die from exhaustion