Latino Word of the Day!

Today's Latino word of the day is Mosquito.

Mosquito means "little fly" in Spanish and has been faking it in the Webster Dictionary forEVER! Non-Spanish speakers would normally say gnat or bastards but, this word is so smooth it charmed the pants off of English speakers. I hate mosquitoes with a passion and it's the only good thing about summer ending. These fuckers relentlessly attack me every day of heat causing disgusting bumps because of their disgusting saliva left behind in my dermis. Not Cool.

Another tidbit of 411: my ma just told me about mosquitoes going crazy in the DR. Yeah, they're always crazy, but this time they're crazier since they're spreading Dengue fever throughout the tiny island. Also, Not Cool. I got sick in DR way back cause of those fuckers. My whole body was covered in bites and my trip there was then a trip back to the states.

Now remember when you say this word, always say it with tons of anger and distress.