N Train: 2009

Here's something I came across while un-cluttering unnecessary paper. It's yellowing and stained with coffee. Probably ice coffee; can't have it any other way.

After overhearing a couple discreetly trying to indiscreetly argue, a huge sigh of relief comes over me. The girl starts to sob on the platform and everything becomes awkward. An even bigger sigh of relief comes over me. I may be a social butterfly, but crying in very public places over a guy has and will always be embarrassing. The person next to me gets up to check if the train is coming, it's not so he moves away from their situation. I would do the same but I'm tired and extremely nosy. I make out some of their argument, and it seems like he's a girlfriend shover. Well, it's just another reason being solo is not that bad. No one to shove or pick arguments with you.

Never being the one to start an argument (I hate fighting to be honest), it's difficult to find someone who wont either. Guys always find a reason to get angry and shortly thereafter start bickering and throwing tantrums. Let's not get started on their stubbornness and inability to communicate.

-----------------Fast Forward to 2010

Whoa! Someone call the man-hater police force because I was reeking of it. How was I able to withstand dates with these Evel Knievel thoughts lingering between my ears?