Where Have All The Straight Men Gone?

In rehab the first step to recovery is admitting your problem. In a girl's single life to being less despo is coming to terms that dying partner-less is a possibility. Ugh - that was harsh. I'm sorry.

Knowing this should make your worries about actual worries like paying back school loans, getting a job, and the BP Oil Spill take a higher precedence over your non-existent dating life.

Truth hurts, but there are more single women than single men. Just like the saying the good ones are taken or gay. And as you age, a Twinkie could easily trip you up.

What's to come:

Two reasons for this non-crisis:

1. Times are changing. The once rigid and still rigid states is now populated with more liberal free thinkers pushing for the legalization of gay marriage. Men (and women) can come out with less risk of ex-communication. Sure, it still happens, but the loud shushing of the gay community has gone down to an inaudible hush.

2. The cure for the "testosterone storm" has yet to be invented.

No worries.

If this information is killing dreams of a settled life with a pair of twins. Stop it! It doesn't have to kill it. Sperm banks, more than ever, are popping up like crazy and single mothers by choice has become an acceptable life choice. Not only that, you can probably accomplish more without the ritual checking of you okcupid.com inbox.

P.s. You should probably cancel your okcupid.com account anyways. It's embarrassing hearing people say "we met off the web". Invest in an amazing vibrator instead.