Things I Heart #3

A collection of things I tried/tested/loved after reaching the maximum of my March 2010 budget. Extremely late.

Afraid of being that girl with the chapped crusty lips, I am armed with Rosebud Salve. It smells good, last forever, and prevents me from being that girl with the chapped crusty lips. Put this over a bright red or pink lipstick and you got yourself a mamacita worthy of mouth to mouth action. I really did buy this back in March and it's still around.

By now you're wondering why is there so many damn mascara reviews and trials. It's because I burnt off my right side lashes thanks to consequences of the ganja back in high school days. Mascaras that make my lashes super long and thick are the goal to looking sensationally sexy, like Lancome Hypnose Custom Value Mascara. Why? Because the eyes are the sexiest part of a person in my opinion and they can make you do some crazy things some times.

Clean is really not too heavy or sweet. It's barely there in fact, until I refocus and realize it is there but not in that overpowering way that some boyfriends can be. Not for those who like fruity and musky scents, as this literally smells like showers taken outdoors with fresh cut grass, homemade soap, and the rinsing away of sin.

Another great mascara - Great Lash in Clear. No matter what I need mascara, no matter where I go. Beaches, lakes, pools, late night romps - mascara needs to be on my face. Using clear is great because it doesn't smudge (or you can't tell it smudged) during water dips and sweat drips. Works just like the original.

The obsession with this mascara is bigger than birthing pains. My lashes look thick and full; makes me feel like a beautiful sailor moon character. My only quip about Napoleon Long Black Mascara, it's impossible to take off. And oh boy, you better take it off because undoing the raccoon eyes the next day is a bitch. But! It's totally worth the labor. 

It's super cheap and smells amazing. And for under 5$, Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Shampooworks better than those salon brand 50$ shampoos. That is all.

This no alcohol carrying toner does wonders for oily/combo skin. I don't really use the whole set at once, but Clinique Clarifying Lotion works just as well with other products. It leaves a freshening tingly feeling and exfoliates on the down-low. Don't really know if I could say my skin looked tighter, but it definitely looked fresh and rid of those teen problems formerly known as acne.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers, use it every day and works better than those heated curlers. Makes my lashes go from short and straight to short and sexy curly q. A little birdie told me it's being discontinued. I urge every huge eyelash lover to get one now before it's too late. It doesn't pinch my skin, and it's easy to clean.

Got any go-to products? Don't hold back and let me know - sharing is caring after all.