Lady and the Trampin' March!

With March here, and the weather feeling crispy it's time for me to start getting back into the normal swing of things. Now what exactly does that mean. It means for me to stop being lazy and take care of myself. Single ladies are never allowed to let themselves go until after they are in the third year of a relationship, actually I just made that rule up. But, I do know ladies in relationships (some not all) do let themselves go.

Normally around March, I start seeing the waxer, going to the gym, stop eating junk food, do away with half the amount of redbull I would normally consume, go sunning on tar beaches, and break out the heels since there is no more ice to deal with.  I would also start my BC habit, just because it keeps my skin regulated, but this year I'm not too sure. Why bother taking another pill? I'll probably think that over a little bit more. Another important change is that I can bring out my summer clothes that I've stored for the winter which means more dresses and skirts. Changing out the winter to summer clothes has always been my favorite ritual.

It's also around the end of March that I've start discovering my new summer bar. Last summer it was Happy Endings, this summer who knows. It's just always nice to switch up the normal scene you're used to.