I know there was a promise made about a date/non-date update but I am procrastinating hard body and thought my tfln.com favorites could buy me time. Hopefully Saturday sparks the return of a more motivated young adult and cease the spirit of the lazy stoner from high school.

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Were not really friends so much as I suck his dick a lot


(720):When we woke up, I asked if we could play "what does your name rhyme with".....he said 'bave' thank god it was easy


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Why are my keys in the refrigerator?

(1-205):You said "This is gonna really confuse me tomorrow." Apparently drunk you plays pranks on hungover you.

(205):This explains so much


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the girl i fucked last night woke up this morning, disoriented and looked at me, and said "oh, you're hot." and went back to sleep.


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the entire lecture hall sighed when the prof announced that there will be an exam on 4/20


P.s. There's a PYT know-it-all in my creative writing class which in itself is a side project I wouldn't mind dishing about. Now, if I only had a way of sneaking a photo of him and not looking like a creeper.