Social Experiment #3

This social gets feedback on whether I'm making it hard for the dude to even approach me. AKA are my standards way too high for anything to ever happen.

Impossible or Possible: Comments/emoticons/suggestions please Share

not looking for this.

Now let me know if my wants are possible or crazy. Anything I should drop? Bear in mind you are helping with research on an amazing social experiment. All should be free to comment even if I didn't tag you in the note.

Looking for:

- Intelligence. *what a turn* Preferably a combination of book and street smarts. Someone willing to correct my speech/grammar in public is a plus. I would also like to be able to learn new things from said person, even if they are boring topics.

- A sense of Humor. I do not want someone who is funnier than me because that in itself is humanly impossible. Instead, I would like someone who finds my sense of humor agreeable by chiming in with his laughter. Not at me of course.

-Attraction. True I admit to liking guys that have been given the "no-go" by friends but either way there needs to be an attraction, meaning that I need to find you attractive. And to be that you need to be hygienic, have good looking teeth, tall (I'm 5'9" so taller than that), and puny looking without the puny. Light colored eyes are and will always be the death of me.

-Have a Job. Or at least do something with yourself. And no, drug-dealing is not a job.

-Flies without baggage. Someone emotionally free from previous relationship and mental illnesses. I am not going to school to become a therapist.

-Has sisters. I find guys who have sisters can at times be more sympathetic and tend to lend their listening ears while still being a guy.

-Has cajones. I'm tired of guys that can't stand their own and guys who get walked all over. So not attractive. In fact not having cajones completely puts them in the friend zone forever. Being aggressive is key here.

-Secure with himself. Not insecure. I would like to avoid guys that tend to say "what are you even doing with me? You're so fill-in-the-blank" Pretty soon it will have me thinking, "what am I doing with you, I'm too fill-in-the-blank for you".

-Spontaneous. I need someone to be crazy with me and who wont worry about what's going to happen next. Take each day as it comes without a dull moment. Excluding lazy Sundays.

-Motivated/Not Lazy. Someone who is doing something with his life is better than someone who is doing nothing with his life. Granted he can go out and become party monster (I do it occasionally), but once he taps out of that party-mode I would like him to do something with himself. Lazy Sundays are excluded once again.

-Likes small blind dogs. Self-explanatory.


Okay so is this do-able or is this list impossible?