Cartoon Face

I will never be able to escape this company. This is my demand for free clothes ya hear!

I want the V Gloria Body suit please in Hot Pink!!!!

Having a horrendous habit of reading self-help books for mere pleasure, my pleasure, brings me across atrocious "help" within those binded pages. It makes me wonder how the fuck these books even got published. At times I'm glad someone's worse off than me, but can no longer read on. Okay I lied. I Stop for a day and schlep through it the next day thanks to my other habit of needing to finish everything started.

I swear these habits will be the death of me.

Well here's the excerpt that made me choke on the F line way back in September 2009.

"The Recommended Daily Allowance of Hugs:

Four hugs are needed every day for basic sustenance.

Eight hugs are necessary to stay in good shape.

Twelve will help you grow as a loving being.

Fifteen help strengthen our bodies' defense mechanisms.

Twenty guarantee happiness.

Twenty-five will conquer any negative emotion.

Thirty will make you glow.

Forty will ensure success in everything you do."

The Love Diet - Mabel Iam