9 Things I Learned & 10 I Hope to Encounter

First, the song of the year: Fake Blood///I Think I Like It .

The 9 I learned about:

1. Never underestimate the truth that spills out of people's mouths when they are wasted.

2. Traveling with more than $689 on a fully loaded debit card is a huge no-no. It's highly possible that all of that cash will be gone while still unconscious.

3. Be honest about your feelings before hopping into a cab and ditching it with that kid. Let him know you want more cab rides in the future, not just one.

4. Never piss off Ma. She will make you pay rent.

5. The only girls that tend to hate are girls with the most insecurities. Bible.

6. Leaving the house like a mess is a guaranteed "run into someone from the past with no escape".

7. It irks me when I see a boy being pussy-whipped and not living his life, especially when he looks unhappy and complains... A lot. You did it to yourself, dumbass.

8. K.I.T. is a lot harder than I expected. Partying together doesn't count either. Drunk talks are not the same as sober conversations.

9. I'm still single. Not a bad thing, it's just that I have yet to meet the stallion that will run wild with me. Those uptight mama boys are everywhere in NYC, and I love myself way too much to do that sort of bodily harm.

The 10 I Hope to Encounter:

1. Winning the lottery - need to get out of this crazy art school debt.

2. Canada... again but with a different set of eyes.

3. Surfing in Spain. Oh, mama, I wanna go surfing oh so badly!

4. Faisons l'amour en France! Doesn't necessarily mean with a Frenchie either, it just needs to happen on that soil.

5. Happy and at peace hamsters. If I have a good year then they should too.

6. Someone honest with a bright personality, sure of himself and plays Playground Love on long drives through winding roads. He also looks over to my side occasionally, the passenger side, to let me know we're not completely lost. Just a little lost. Or a 2010 constant lover.

7. Judaism. Might as well convert now and save myself the hassle later on in life.

8. My want/need to be completely emerged in my video artwork and writings. I miss being a recluse in a world of creativity - just me and my thoughts.

9. The day ma figures out that weird midnight food cravings do not necessarily mean I'm pregnant. And after she figures that out, to cook it and deliver it to my bed. Currently: Baked chickpeas covered with chili powder.

10. Being 23 for the next 12 months and becoming adjusted to the "I'm turning into an adult, but still a kid at heart" phase. As long as I don't forget the person I am, Tuesday's open bar night and my beliefs, I will be dandy. Believe you me!!