Invoice Enclosed

What does this tell you about myself?

1. Wanting and caring for a blind dog with an extremely loud and annoying bark.

2. List maker and completing daily to-dos. In full enjoyment.

3. Playground Love by Air is a number one song in my mental play list. Going six years strong.

4. The majority of the books I read are a self-help book of some sort or biographies.

5. Giving myself deadlines for goals, and then extending those deadlines when unable to.

6. Tendency to over shop when in debt and guilt ridden.

7. Never going home when Ma is angry for not coming home - worsening the situation.

8. Competition and competitors whether they know it or not are my number 1 motivation.

9. I cry when my hometown teams win championships, and when homeless people sleep on the train at 2:36am.

10. Always late, but never on purpose.

Last bonuses:

- I watch films to experience a different sort of life and get sucked in often experiencing a double life shortly thereafter for a few days.

- I can't speak correctly or write correctly.

- I hate it (with a passion) when people tell me what to do (even if it's my job). It makes me not want to do it even more (even if it's my job).