Sleep Over

"Did I really love Big, or was I addicted to the pain, the exquisite pain, of wanting someone so unattainable." - Carrie Bradshaw

How would you feel when your besties (of both sexes and straight) try and do an intervention on you. What's wrong with them making me feel like an addict and all. I mean he must be right "bitches be crazy". I am crazy, and I have no idea why I do this on a constant basis. Literally, the guys I talk up aren't even from this state... let alone country. Ah, fuck them, I haven't been going up to homeboys and spurting "we should be together" nonsense. And in my defense no one besides one guy (rhymes with Iams & who has no approval from the band of brothers) has been "I don't wanna fuck other brooklyn babes I just wanna fuck you". I just tend to like mysterious guys that treat me with an indifference. Either way my boys from Texas and whose band (Ringo Deathstar) are here for CMJ. And in my final defense: a lot of the things I've done I would have never be able to do/experience if I had a jealous insecure but well endowed hamster-heart-face.

Jesus why can't I just live!?!!?!?!?!? LET ME LIVE!!!



Watching Where the Wild Things Are tomorrow alone. Honestly I would still go alone. Spike Jonze may be hella commercial but he is hella good (and has a huge ass budget for the flick).

And when I mention that I'm dutch (?), I mean that most of my friends are not into paying 12$ to see a flick.

Yeah, I'm one of those go at 11 am scribble in a notebook and look creepy because I'm sitting in the best center seats and with no company.

I'm excited to see how he turned this 16 page book into an hour and some feature. Other than that I really need to find a movie partner who will actually go to the theaters with me. I'm missing out on Paranormal Activity -and others- because of this wackness.