Get Social #1

I've decided to come up with my own rules on how to hitch a guy, but first I need to test them out and see if they actually work. True, the picture of yesterday's post may not help. Or will it?

Exactly! I will enable perspective on various points. Guys, ladies, and trannies will all help me. And if I failed miserably then guess what - Do NOT go by my rules. It's a learning social experiment.

***This may read very scrambled but I've been off the addy's for a while***my apologies. NOT!

So every day I will write about the newest rule I am following, or how following that rule went. I will also try and keep in mind the changes I recently made. I should actually print those out and hang on my desk. I'll do that... Tomorrow!!

So today's rule is creating a list of potentials or at least thinking about who would be great relationship material. Easy, right? Wrong. Run the list by close guy friends (who have your best interest in mind or at least know the scum bag) and girlfriends (to make sure he's not a loser).

When running by the list keep in mind that he's not a loser (aka he has a job, money, car/apartment, & a degree), is looking for a relationship (not a late night booty call). Oh, yea - he can hella work it*.

*hella work it - Please keep in mind not to give away the milk too soon. Use farmville to keep you occupied instead.

So here's my list:

The friend - if stable.

Zach Braff - if only didn't remind me of Zach Braff.

The model - possible.

The Spaniard - dreamy except he's not going to settle down anytime soon. Sigh.

Canada pt.2 -lives far away.

Brazil - the guys hate him for some weird reason.

So far I only have one real potential. I told you this was hard. Obviously, ladies, the list is not set in stone so you can always make additions and changes to it.

Please bear with me and do not settle for less - know your true worth and respect yourself meaning never give yourself/obsess over some no-job freak that will never appreciate you.

We'll get to #2 tomorrow. Patience is a virtue. :D

If you crack... use condoms.