New Beauty Buys & Finds for the Summer

Growing up and enamored with the beauty section of each and every magazine, I found myself taking a stroll to my local CVS quite frequently. And I knew; as soon as my dad heard my key unlock the front door, he would glance up from his man-chair, quickly eye my plastic bag full of lippies, mascaras, and eye palettes in various shades of blue. This would, without fail, lead to him placing his fingers at his temples to soothe his oncoming headaches. Dads. They’ll never understand the power of makeup. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


To this day, I still pop into my local CVS and cruise the beauty aisle. Sometimes I leave with nothing, sometimes I leave with the entire color selection of a new matte lipstick (these are obviously the better days out of the two). So when I heard CVS was revamping all their stores to include more professional cosmetics, amongst other things, I had to do a bit more lurking.

Seek and you shall be rewarded, my friends.


TIGI Cosmetics is arriving at select CVS stores. (Psst… you can also find their full collection online at and

TIGI Cosmetics has been on the professional circuit since the early 90s and are known for their rich, pigmented colors and professional quality. I was lucky enough to receive a few must-haves to play and create with. Off the bat, I’m obsessed with their colorful lip gloss and felt it should be the focal point of this quick and easy daytime look. Also known as, when you have 10 minutes or less to look put together.

Read on to see how I got this look.


To create a flawless base, I powdered my face all the way down to my neck with their Powder Foundation. The powder is buildable without that cakey feeling which is key for the summer season. It also helps control oil which is always good news for those of us with naturally dewy skin.


For daytime looks, I usually stick to one neutral eye shadow color and build it out like so:

  • First, dust on the color (I’m using their High Density Eyeshadow in True Natural) over the entire lid
  • Layer on the shadow from below the crease and to the lash line
  • You can also use this formula wet if you’re aiming for a dramatic look

I love making my eyes pop as much as possible and TIGI’s Precision Black Eyeliner Pen’s long felt tip made it easy to achieve a cat eye. It took a while for me to get liquid eyeliner down (shaky hands anyone?) but this hack is the way to go:

  • Press down and leave a marking (kind of like a placeholder) with the eyeliner
  • Use the markings as guidance as you swipe the liner across your lidThis formula is water-resistant and quick drying so smudging is nearly non-existent
  • This formula is water-resistant and quick drying so smudging is nearly non-existent

Afterwards, I coat my lashes with mascara and move onto my lips.

The pigmented, high-shine formula of their Luxe Lipgloss (Glamour shown) left my lips moisturized throughout the day. I wanted the color to really pop so I applied two coats with a heavy hand.


The end result looked fresh-faced and ready for the day. Not to mention I left the New York City Subways with my face still intact after this shoot.


Overall, the textures and colors will be fun for anyone that happens to get lost in CVS’ beauty aisle (voluntarily or involuntarily). I know their collection will come in super handy once Fashion Week hits.

They’re officially rolling out at select CVS locations nationwide but you can always view their full inventory of goodies on

Photos by Lauren Listor.

Today's post has been sponsored by TIGI Cosmetics. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible!

My Top 12 Instagrammable Murals!

Growing up in NYC I was surrounded by art. The thing is, the museum wasn't the only place you could find inspiration. If you took to the streets you'd be able to see art on the sides of abandoned buildings, trains parked in the long island city rail yard, billboards, and even on the sidewalks.

During the summers, and still to this day, I take joy in my private walking tours looking for new murals. And yes, some of them make it onto my Instagram and even become the backdrop to my outfit posts.

I do have my go-to spots so why not share them with y'all! Do it for the 'gram and don't forget to tag the artist. (Keep in mind, some these locations may showcase a different artist than the one shown below).

1. Kenmare & Mulberry Street - consistently changing and always worth the trip!

2. The Rainbow Gate in LES - 87 Rivington Street (go before they open or after they're closed)

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

3. First Street Green Art Park - 33 E 1st Street (this public park is filled with murals!)

Photo by Lydia Hudgens

Photo by Lydia Hudgens

4. Harry's Corner Shop - 64 Macdougal Street

Photo by Lydia Hudgens

Photo by Lydia Hudgens

5. Emojis Mural - 15 Prince Street (across the way from Cafe Habana)

Photo by Erin Andres

Photo by Erin Andres

6. Tic Tal - 90 Orchard Street

Photo by Jana Rose Carrero

Photo by Jana Rose Carrero

7. Bowery Mural - 76 E Houston Street

Photo by Lydia Hudgens

Photo by Lydia Hudgens

8. Flowers Mural - 250 Mulberry Street

Photo by Lydia Hudgens

Photo by Lydia Hudgens

9. Chinatown Photographs - 150 Lafayette Street

chinatown photo wall mural.jpg

10. Long Island City - 43-01 21st Street, Queens

Photo by Mark Kim

Photo by Mark Kim

11. The Rainbow Wall in Dumbo - York Street between Adams and Washington

the rainbow wall dumbo.jpg

12. The Bushwick Collective - St Nicholas Avenue in Brooklyn

Photo by Patrick Fahrner

Photo by Patrick Fahrner

Feel free to add to this list by leaving a comment down below or by sharing your favorite murals via your Instagram link too!

Inspiration: Looks I Love (Pt. 17)

I'm still riding that vintage train from last September. As of late, I've been feeling really inspired by bandanas and barely-there straps. Another thing I find myself lusting over on Instagram, colorfully clear sunnies. Kind of nuts considering I cleaned out a whole box of sunglasses last year and made a few girls very, very happy.

C'est la vie!

As for beauty, a bold red-orange lip, and dewy sun-kissed skin are the only trends I'll see myself wearing through the sweltering heat this year. 

Are there any trends or styles you find yourself leaning towards more and more for this summer?